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The American Eagle SSB CB'ers club has quite a history.  The club was originally started by four people: Larry ( #01), Geoff ( #02), Butch ( #03), and Jim ( #911 - later changed to #2). The club was formed in the Berkshires (Berkshire County in Western Massachusetts) with an original base QTH of Peru, MA -just northeast of Pittsfield, MA. These four founding members held the very first net-night on 37 LSB on February 5, 1992. By the end of the second net, on February 12, 1992, the club had twenty members. By the time one year had passed, there were 95 members on the roster.
The original board of directors are responsible for giving the club its initially, very successful start in 1992. Of these four members, Jim, #2 was the only member that consistently remained active with the club through 1995. Jim now lives in Michigan, but does visit the Berkshires around the holidays. The other original three were issued separate honorary "0-prefixed" numbers that will not be issued to anyone else. 
Many other people were members during this period, however at that time, there was a three-week sign-in rule. This rule stated that anyone missing three consecutive sign-ins was dropped from the roster. That rule was then amended to allow up to a twelve week lapse in sign-ins -- however, many members simply disappeared, and we continued to lose numbers.
After the second year, the club was about 170 members strong, but the then #1 (Larry) lost interest in running the nets. Also, Geoff & Butch had moved out of the area and were not anywhere to be found on the radio. Jim did his best to run the weekly nets and was the only original founding member still on the radio.

Cori & Bill then came on the scene to help out Jim because of their key location up on Washington mountain, in Washington, Massachusetts. Cori ended-up with the job of running the net and eventually became #1 (with Larry's consent) and Bill was issued #3.
Around late 1994 into 1995, a few club events were scheduled, members said they were interested - but never showed-up. This was frustrating and resulted in postponing any future club events...
Eventually, the net was stopped all-together in early 1995. There was simply not enough interest, so the club lay dormant until...
In October of 1996, the net was restarted at the urging of #23, Keith. He began a monthly newsletter called
Sporadic Waves in which he featured stories about the American Eagle SSB CB'ers club. [Please note: Sporadic Waves IS NOT the American Eagle Club's Newsletter. Sporadic Waves is a separate entity that includes stories & updates about the club -- it just so happens that the author of the club materials and Sporadic Waves is one in the same; #23, Keith].
Copies of the newsletter were distributed to any member that the club had an address for -- This was to get the word out that the net was going to run again; but in a new and exciting way...
Instead of people just mindlessly signing-in, it was agreed that the net was to be more of a friendly chat session. True, it may make it difficult for members to sign-in, but we aren't looking for massive amounts of check-ins, we are looking for some good SSB conversation!
On February 9, 1997, the Sunday evening net was begun again, and proved to be successful. 39 people from 3 states signed-in and chatted from 9 to 10:30pm. By October, 1998, the Sunday night net averaged around 60 check-ins and we passed the 350 member mark in this same month! Most of this success was due to #18, Roger, from Pownal, VT. Roger's excellent radio communications ability and dedication to being on the air every week, helped the club tremendously. Most all of the VT and later NY members were gained via Roger and we can honestly guesstimate that he was responsible for recruiting 100+ members!
By May of 1999, the net was shut down for the summer. But, when the September start-up date came along, things changed due to #23, Keith, moving to a new QTH and #18, Roger, needed a break from his radios for a while. This meant no more Sunday evening nets, so again, the club slowed pace & lay dormant.
In October, 1999, #352, Mike, from Philadelphia, NY (NNE of Watertown, NY, off the East coast of Lake Ontario) Volunteered to start-up a Saturday night net and began an aggressive Internet campaign to recruit new members. Mike also began the first official web site in the beginning of the year 2000. The net still runs each Saturday night but typically shuts down from May to October.
Today, AE# 23, Keith, designs, edits and maintains the web site. As of March, 2003, the AE SSB Cber's Club ceased activity and no longer accepts new members. This was done due to lack of people interested in running the club. Overall, CB radio is a dieing hobby and many folks are abandoning their radios for other forms of recreational activities. It is possible that this club may start up again one day in the future, so until such a time, this site will remain up for all to see and the roster is available for reference purposes.