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Revised September 14, 2002

1) Profane language, such as unnecessary swearing, racial and ethnic slurs, or things that are simply in bad taste are not tolerated either on the airwaves or on the club's message boards or Yahoo! Club site.

2) Harassment between members - regardless of reason, will not be tolerated.

3) Any member that willfully chooses to break the one or both of the first two Bylaws will lose their numbers permanently. This number will eventually be reassigned to a new member. If the ex-member wishes to apologize to the club in the future, that would be nice, however this person will
never be able to get the original # or a new # -- period!

4) If a person would like to become an member, but has a history of breaking the first two bylaws in other clubs or on other frequencies, then the club's coordinators will decide whether this person should get a number or not.

5) Signing-in to club nets or chats is encouraged but not necessary. A person can become an American Eagle member by showing interest in joining either by a net check-in, signing on via are